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Greetings Doodle Family!!!!  I have to apologize to all who have sent me pictures of their wonderful doodles over the past 4 years.  My previous website crashed and I have lost all of my pictures!  If you have any pictures of your doodles that you'd like on the site, please send them to me.  I love the pictures you have sent in the past and look forward to many, many years of more pictures!  I will also try to get as many of your past emails on here as possible. If I have the wrong puppy with the wrong email, I apologize!!!  Just let me know!

               Have you hugged your doodle today???? 

Hi Kim!
Just saw that you updated the website, and wanted to let you know how our girl is doing! Ava is doing so great, she weighs 47 lbs. :) We actually got her a friend.... :) We found a local breeder of Labradoodles, and picked out Annie. She is so great. Whenever we take Annie somewhere and not Ava, Ava goes into her "pouty" mood. All she does is mope around. It is so funny. They love each other!! Annie is about 5 months, and is huge! About 40 lbs. They are the best dogs ever!

She's doing great, their both doing awesome actually. We love them! One thing... Annie sheds like crazy!! She must have gotten more of the lab in her! It's alright though, she is a big love. She is so much different than Ava, it's hilarious! She is so careless, she will just flop around, and it is so funny. We call her a Old Dog, trapped in a puppy's body! She is so mellow. Ava and her have a blast, and we can't imagine Ava without her! They will just go outside and play forever! It's been a good summer :)  8/08


A Collage of our Doodles!



  Attached is an updated picture of Lucy.  She is 19lbs now. She is doing great.  Not totally housebroken but a lot less accidents.  She LOVES all her toys. I think she has as many as my 4 year old. She loves the backyard. She sleeps all night in her kennel.  Everyday I let her come into my bedroom while I'm putting on my makeup.  She plays with her toys and then comes and lays under my vanity chair.  She is really sweet.  We are enjoying her a lot.  Thank you so much.

Sarah, 4/30/07


I'm so sorry I haven't kept in touch with you and sent you pictures of Lucy like I should have.
Lucy is doing great. I love her so much.  We sent her to training this summer which helped some. But she had so much fun there. She is very sweet and playful.  She sleeps anywhere she likes which is usually on the bathroom floor where its cool.  Anyway we are crazy about her and she seems very happy with us.  She is attached to me that is for sure. Here are some before and after her haircut pictures.

  Sarah, 9/12/07


How are you?  It's Sarah in Texas.  Today is Lucy's one year birthday so I thought I'd send you a couple of pictures.  She is doing great and we love her to death.  We are so glad she ended up in our home.

Hope you and your Goldendoodles are doing great!   Sarah, 1/23/08


Hi Kim! Here are some pictures of Sparky's first two weeks with us. We just love him. He has the best temperment ever. My daughter, who has always been scared of dogs, is carrying him all over the place. He is so compliant and sweet! He cracked us up during his first bath. He was in Heaven! He just laid his head back and relaxed in the warm water, never even attempted to get out! He is doing great in every way! We'll keep you posted!
Love, Tricia 10/12/06

Hi Kim!  He is doing great! We love him so much! We started obedience training this week.   That has been a little trying for all of us including Sparky.  I know it will be worth it in the long run though. He is just so sweet and loving. Thanks so much!
Tricia 10/16/06

Hi Kim!  Here are some pictures of Sparky over the past couple of months! The last three are from this past weekend.  He is beautiful!! He is doing just great.  We graduated from Basic Obidience Classes tonight.  Our only issue is that he continually
jumps up on anything he can reach and eats whatever he can get!  Hence, the chain collar and indoor leash!  He is getting
better and we realize he is still just a baby!  He is doing great with sit/stay, down/ stay, come, house training, etc. and we are so proud of him.  As you can see, most of these pictures are of him with Emma. She is just crazy about him and can't get enough!  She has come a long way from being afraid of all dogs!  We'll keep you posted.  Tricia 2/27/07





Merry Christmas!This is Hallie, Sacramento, Ca, reporting on our goldendoodle, Mr. Bingley. He is doing very well, perfectly potty trained for a few months now and very happy here. However, he does a problem regarding stealing "human" food, which he does with reckless abandon as soon as my back is turned. Mr. Bingley is still my best friend and goes everywhere with me. Buying him from you was so easy that I have recommended you to many friends and acquaintances. Your web page with photos and testimonials from new families was just what I needed to make up my mind. Thank you so much.At his five month checkup he was about 42 pounds, so we shall see how big he gets. The pictures are from when he was about two months old and some from when he was six months old. We will send more soon! 12/07


Kim -
Sadie is doing great.  The kids are loving her, especially my youngest.  He is almost 2.  She chases him for hours, he cannot get enough.  I was surprised to see how social she was. I thought she would be a little overwhelmed with the move and transition to our home.  I was completely wrong. Her little tail has not stopped wagging.  She has been all play since I brought her home.  She is such a delight.  I will send you a picture in the next few days of her with the kids.  Thanks!! Cass

Hi Kim,
Thought I would send a quick note about Sadie. She is great.  I  couldn't have hoped for more.  She is so social.  She loves everyone. She is great with other dogs (the neighborhood pets) as well.  She has no fear, just jumps right in and says hi.  We started puppy classes last week.  She is doing quite well.  She has a real eagerness to please and will do anything for attention.  She is so smart.  I can't wait to see how things progress.

It has been so fun watching her looks change.  She is getting much lighter.  She still has a bit of darkness to her but its less and less each day.  She is also getting quite shaggy.  And -- she is growing like a weed.  I took her to the vet a week ago and she was up to 10 pounds. She was so small when I first got her, now her paws are so big.  Again - I can't wait to see how she ends up.  Thank you for working to match all my needs.

One last thing - I am so impressed with her personality and breeding. She does so well with my three kids.  The boys like to play rough and she is right in there wrestling around.  However, my daughter is not like this and Sadie cuddles with her and is so gently. How smart for a 10 week old puppy.  Thanks!  Cassie, 1/21/08


Kim, Hi, everything is going well and we absolutely love Katie!  She went to the vet yesterday and they said she looked great. The kids have been keeping her busy-there were seven of them in the backyard with her yesterday! I have included some pictures for you. She loves her snuggle puppy - can you tell???  Sean & Susan, 12/06 NC



Hi Kim, The puppy got here safe and sound.  I named her "Gracie".  Her official name and the name I will register her with is "Graceland Gold".  She and Buck are having a ball and he is already very attached to her.  We have been working all weekend on house-training. I think it will take a little more time. I am attaching some pictures I took today. Thanks again for all of your help in getting her here.  Michele, 2/2/07

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